Caring for your Ironmongery – Care of products

Most us expect that any product we buy should last forever with a minimum of care! Well the working life of ironmongery and the finish appearance of all hardware is significantly improved if basic maintenance procedures are carried out, especially where items are subject to relatively high level of use.

Care and Maintenance of Products
Floor Springs, Electromagnetic Floor Springs, Overhead & Concealed Door Closers, Electromagnetic Overhead Door Closers

Regular inspection of the door closer system and its accessories by a competent specialist organisation ensure that any necessary adjustments are made, and that you get the best from the products. The scope and frequency of inspection will depend on the type, frequency of use, and the operating conditions of the door closer system involved. Under conditions of normal usage however, it is considered that at least an annual inspection, test of mechanical components, and maintenance schedule should be carried out.

• Inspection of safety relevant components of the door closer system and its accessories to determine continued security of fixings, and the extent of any wear which may have taken place.
• Checking of the closing speed and any other hydraulic functions, and adjusting the settings if required.
• Lubrication of relevant moving parts.
• Checking for ease of door operation.
• Replacement of parts as necessary using only parts/components manufactured or approved by the manufacturer.

During maintenance work only safe and suitable cleaning agents should be used which contain no corrosive or damaging constituents. In order to clean external surfaces a soft clean cloth should be used on no account should abrasive, chemical cleaners or metal polishes be used.
Should the door closer system show signs of malfunction a competent specialist organisation should be called in to perform the necessary checks and component replacement.

Locks & Latches

These should not need any maintenance if fitted correctly. Dead and latch bolts can sometimes fail to engage in the strike plate, which can be due to movements of the door/frame or wear of the hinges. This can be rectified by adjusting the strike plate. On no account should oil be used as this attracts dirt and dust.


These should only be lubricated by a product approved by the cylinder manufacturer. On no account should oil be used as this attracts dirt and dust. If the operation of the cylinder appears to be jammed or is tight check that the locks deadbolt is engaging correctly within the strike plate.


Hinges more than any other product needs a regular maintenance program set depending on usage, building occupancy etc. Lubrication is obviously the most important consideration (although the phosphor bronze washered hinge type is self-lubricating) also fixing screws may need re-tightening periodically.

Panic Hardware

These important exit devices will need to be inspected on a regular basis. The operation of the device should be tested to ensure the operation is smooth and efficient and that the latches and bolts locate correctly. The floor socket may also need to be cleared out as this can prevent the bottom bolt from fully extending.

Lever Furniture & Pull Handles
These should require no maintenance if fitted correctly though screws or bolts should be tightened if found to be loose.


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  1. Thank you for the great tips!

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